Monday, June 20, 2011

A Trip to Dallas

My last day of work for the school year was June 9th. On the morning of the 10th we hopped on a plane and flew to Dallas for Rachell's wedding. We arrived late afternoon/early evening, got our little red rental car and found our hotel. Because we had no plans, we decided to make our own fun. We went to West End Dallas and found a Spaghetti Warehouse. We decided to have dinner there for my birthday. It was a huge platter of many kinds of pasta - a wonderful dinner for two that included salad and dessert. That was great fun.
Happy 56th to me.

Rod loves pasta as much as I do!
The next morning we went to the Dallas Holocaust Museum - a very sobering experience. I think one must be there to experience the full impact of what is there, but I will post a few pics.

The most disturbing things to me were the photos of the children. So many innocent people died under horrendous circumstances at the concentration camps. This place is a very well done memorial. I am glad we got to see it and experience it. It is difficult to express how it made me feel, but I am so thankful for our freedom of religion. It is sad to me that persecution of any kind still exists in our world.

We also saw the Texas School Book Depository where Oswald shot Kennedy. A very interesting scenario there. I don't think we will every have the full story on that one.

X marks the spot

6th floor window on the right is where Oswald was located.

Seems impossible that he could have hit Kennedy from the front from this angle. Surely there was someone across the street on the grassy knoll that was involved. After seeing this, that is my opinion.
The wedding was in the afternoon, so we made our way to the Dallas Temple. The reception was later in the evening in Allen.

Happy Bride and Groom

Dad with his beautiful bride-daughter

Groom's cake was unusual, and very cute. Look at the tuxedo strawberries.

Swing dancin' couple on the Groom's Cake

The bride and groom have their first dance as husband and wife. I loved Rachell's red sash.

Cutting the cake.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day With My Dad

My dear Dad - 85 years old.

 Father's day was very special this year. My sister, Janet, invited all of us to her home for a wonderful dinner with our dad. We enjoyed spending time together as siblings, as this does not happen often. I live far away from everyone, so I miss the family get-togethers. It was so nice to spend time with LaRue and Fred (her new husband!), Janet and Lenny, and Dave and Kelly. I love them all so much! We were able to sit at Dad's feet while he shared stories about his boyhood that we all loved hearing as children. He is as great story teller. I am so glad that some of my grandchildren were able to hear their "Great Harris" talk about his life as a boy. They were very attentive and quite fascinated with the stories. Katie was able to videotape this story time for us. I know we will all treasure this time with our Dad.
Dave, me, LaRue, Dad and Janet.
 Janet was kind enough to make it an open invitation to my kids and grandkids as well. She knows I don't always get to spend time with the ones that live in Utah. Thanks, Janet. It really was a wonderful day!

Cooper peeking out from under the bench.
 The neighbors behind Janet's home have a beautiful pasture with horses. Often there are deer as well. The deer sneak over the fence and eat her garden!
The kids loved the horses in the pasture behind Janet's house.
 My grandkids used to have have horses across from where they lived, and so they were not afraid to feed carrots to the horses. They loved it!
Savannah gives the horse a baby carrot.
 It was really fun to see Becca encourage the little ones around the horses. As a little girl, she loved being with them and was never afraid of these gentle giants.
I haven't seen Becca around horses for a long time. She always loved them.

So fun to see my nephews, KC and Jordan - both returned home from their missions.
 Luka had fun jumping off the boulders in Janet's yard. He is such a fun little boy!
Luka is so exuberant. I just love his smile!
The drive to and from Logan was so beautiful! We did get rained on and I was somewhat distressed as the temperature was only in the 50s. I am so used to the Phoenix temperatures! But there are no more beautiful skies than in Cache Valley, especially when it has been raining.

I was quite emotional today. My Dad is quite feeble - he can hardly walk. He cannot hear well, so it is hard to communicate with him, but he warmed right up when we asked him to tell his stories. I hadn't seen him that animated for quite some time. He talked on for more than half an hour. We were amazed! When it was all done, he said he was tired and wanted me to take him home. We acutally had a wonderful conversation on the way back to Bountiful where he lives. I have always been very close to my dad. He is my hero. I love him so much and appreciate the wonderful childhood that he and my mom gave me. They always believed in me, and they taught me correct principals by their tremendous examples. Truly, I was born of goodly parents. For that blessing I will always be most grateful.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Something special

 My sister, LaRue, lost her husband last year to cancer. We attended his funeral when we went out for our summer vacation in June. She was blessed to find new love in her life when she met her new husband, Fred. I wish them every happiness. They are a wonderful couple!
LaRue and Fred Campbell
They were married April 28th and celebrated with family and friends on May 28th. We were so glad we had a long weekend so we could be there for this special occasion. They had a reception/dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun to see her kids and grandkids, especially the ones that live in Alaska. I did not take pictures (boooo!), but Rod got a beautiful shot of the Salt Lake temple out the window.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hangin' with the clan

 Over Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to the SLC area in Utah. We had such a fun trip! We left Thursday night after work and went to Kanab to stay. We then got up at our leisure and headed up the 89. We decided to take the scenic route: HWY 14 that has amazing lookout points of Zion's Nat'l Park. I could not BELIEVE how much snow was still in the mountains.
We stopped for pictures, but not where there was so much snow that we could not safely pull off.
It was a beautiful sight, but the snow by the road was DIRTY - that is the time of year I really don't miss the snow! And may I just say, have you ever seen a more beautiful blue sky? Ever?
We arrived on Friday afternoon and were delighted with our wonderful welcoming committee that was waiting with lots of squeals, open arms and kid hugs! Oh, how I miss those grandkiddies. Then Rod took off to spend some time with Eric while I got busy with helping get ready for a baby shower for my niece, Heidi. This is her first baby, and we have waited with great excitement for this wonderful addition to our family. All but two of the Harris girls were there!
My darling niece, Krista, and my sister Janet.

Three of my nieces: Holly, DeLayne, and the guest of honor, Heidi. Holly used to live in AZ in Gilbert. I miss her so much! We did enjoy getting together once in a while for birthdays and holidays.

I always love seeing my sisters, LaRue and Janet. They are two of my favorite people!
We had such wonderful food! Nikki and her mom (my sister Janet) and Katie made some incredible salads.

Of course, I wanted to show this pic cause it features Katie's darling kids.
 Janet made all of the darling decorations. I have always loved her creativity and her ability to make cute stuff no matter what the occasion.

Sister-in-law, Kelly, with her grandbaby, Hydee.

Heidi got so many cute presents! This will definitely be the best dressed baby girl in all of Garden City.

Nikki and Linzy. Can you believe how beautiful they are??

Fantastic Red Velvet cupcakes. I knew Nikki would do cupcakes! She loves them! Seriously, they melt in your mouth.

Linzy, DeLayne and Nichole. Linzy and Nichole came all the way from Alaska - but not just for the baby shower. My sister, LaRue had a special wedding celebration that we all attended the next day.
This was a stellar baby shower! I wish I had taken more pics because I don't have one of everybody that was there! We talked, we cried, we laughed, and we caught up with one another. There is nowhere we have more fun than when we have a "Harris Girls' Night Out!" The love and support we have with each other is something I keep as a precious treasure in my heart.  I love my daughters, my sisters, my nieces ( in-laws and out-laws a like) and all their kids!- Family is everything!