Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toombstone, AZ

We had Monday off for President's day. At 7:00 AM our friends, Sam and Trudy picked us up and we headed to Toombstone. Yep, that's right, Pardner. We had a delightful drive. As we arrived in Toombstone I was totally taken with the Old West tourist trap theme. There were gunfights showing hourly on every street and every corner. Of course, they charge for each one, so we only went to two of them. It is a place rich in the history of the Old West and we enjoyed seeing all of the old stuff. I love museums and photo documentarys.

This was a renactment of the famous gun fight at the OK Corral. Lots of shooting, and three died.
Isn't this a great looking buggy? I found out they were called "buggy" because of all the mashed bugs on the front of the thing after a nice drive. Gross! Sam fits in to the "Old West" quite well with his great moustache.

Rod and I hopped up into the buggy, too. How do you like my new sunglasses. For the first time ever, we got prescription sunglasses. I think they will be really great. After all, we live in the valley of the sun!

Prostitution was legal in Arizona for a time, and the women had their "cribs" lined up on the street. They were tiny little structures that served as their rooms. They referred to these women as "soiled doves." It was interesting to see the pictures of these scandalous women. They were quite voluptuous, not at all skinny like the magazine models of today.
One of the gunfights we went to was a comedy. They sure knew who to pick out of the audience that could ham it up! Some lady from Snowflake, no less! Love the target on your hat, Trudy!
Trudy and I enjoyed trying on hats in one of the many stores. Rod said we should go back in 5 years for a photo retake cause our hats would still be there!

These old geezers were pretty funny in their gunfighting. We had some good laughs!

I was even able to find a perfect souvenir for the day - a nice shiny bullet that fits right into my miniature collection. Thanks for a great day off, guys! It was a fun memory made.