Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nick had a birthday!

Wow, Nick. I can't believe you are 19 years old!!
I know this post is very late. His birthday was August 14th. We went to the Texas Roadhouse for prime rib. It was a fun family dinner. It's really weird to have all grown up kids.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Gorgeous AZ Sunset

I really love a beautiful sunset, and there are so many here. This was one we happened to see when we were looking for an address in Goodyear. I totally reversed the numbers in the address, so the GPS wouldn't recognize it. But we finally found our destination. Even though we were late for the party, we did get to see this gorgeous sky.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Loveable faces...

I love all of these faces! They make my heart sing!

Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday night we did the packing. One thing I did not want to forget was this little dress I made for Savannah's American Girl Doll. This is what we gave her for her Baptism. I knew everyone would give her necklaces, bracelets, scriptures, money, etc. I wanted to give her something no one else would give and that she would love. She did love it! She ran right upstairs and put the dress on her doll.The boys even stopped for a quick photo. It was so fun when we arrived on Friday after an 11 hour drive. There were lots of shouts of "Grammy!" and lots of hugs. We passed out presents of books to everyone. We always try to take them some books. I miss these guys. Later on Julie and Ava came over, too. Saturday morning, Katie fixed Savannah up in her "Cinderella" hair-do. She looked so beautiful! Her dad was very proud of her. He was able to baptize and confirm Savannah as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. How grateful I am for a wonderful son-in-law that is worthy to use the priesthood and care for his family.
Had to get a profile shot of the star of the day. She is so darling!
All ready to go to the church for the big event!
Princess Savannah spinning in her ball gown.
She received many beautiful gifts and cards. She is one loved little girl!
Savannah dresses her doll every day for the appropriate occasion.
Cooper and Luka were all dressed up too!
Katie fixed a wonderful meal for 70 people - Cafe Rio salads. She can throw a great party. Julie always helps, too! My dear old dad was the great granddad that was there for this special day.
I hope that Savannah will always remember this day, and all the people that tried to make it very special for her. We are so proud of her decision to be baptized. I know this decision will always bless her life. She is making wonderful choices and she will always be happy when she chooses the right!