Sunday, July 31, 2011

S'more Fun!

 So Julie brought stuff to make S'mores while at the cabin. She got these GIANT marshmallows. Her vision of this whole thing was to make the S'mores in the oven so we wouldn't have to get smoky by the fire. She assembled everything and we stuck them in the oven. I told her the marshmallows were too big. She said no, they were just right. I still cut some of them in THIRDS and the S'mores were still very messy! We laughed so hard. Good Times at the Cabin!

Rod tried to be neat with his...

Did I mention the S'mores were ultra messy??

Gooey, Chewy, Sticky - and delicious!

I think we will always remember these GIANT S'mores and how much fun we had making and eating them!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Such a beautiful place!

I just want to post some pictures that I think are really beautiful of Island Park and Yellowstone. We went on some incredible walks and hikes and just drank in the beautiful scenes.

The swan was actually fighting with a goose - pretty noisey!

I love Mesa Falls!

Nature makes such beautiful bouquets.

The wild flowers were so beautiful!
Three happy campers - at least for a second.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Vacation - water play

All it takes is some grass, a hose and a warm day.

Fill up the tub...

They took turns spraying each other with the cold water.

Then mom suggested the slip 'n' slide.

They loved it! Water was flying everywhere!

Oh, yeah! a perfect slide.

I love this kid's amazing smile. His whole face just radiates! Can't you just hear him laughing?
The perfect landing.

 Fun afternoon - filled with sun, water, Popsicles and laughing children. What a great memory!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Summer Vacation

  THESE faces are why I drive from Phonex to SLC by myself every summer!
Luka is fearless in the water.
Cannon loves to play.

Cooper and Savannah play for HOURS with each other in the pool.

Ava was very excited about her hiking equipment.

I got to attend Karate class with Cooper. I was so impress with his careful attention to form and to complying with every request made by his teacher.
 Seriously... how does he do this??

Katie and Julie ran a special 10K in for pregnancy and infant loss. I took Savannah, Cooper and Ava with me to greet them at the finish line.
 Here are my two courageous girls - now runners! Years ago, when I was in my late 20s and early to mid 30s I used to run in 10k races. I loved it. But not any more. I guess it has been passed on to the younger generation...
 They ran this race in memory of Hayden Nys. This sweet baby boy was born to  Ryan's cousin a couple of years ago. He only lived long enough for his parents to hold him and love him before he slipped away. Katie and Ryan were there with them for that precious experience.
It was a fun morning and the moms did a great job on their run!  The kids enjoyed running across the finish line with their moms/aunties. I was so happy to be there with them. Brought back fond memories.
In fact, going to the race inspired me to try jogging again. BIG MISTAKE! Even though I had Nike running shoes, they were not right for my foot and I blew a tendon - I ran several mornings and then hiked in Island Park thinking it would get better. Wrong. I finally ended up going to the Dr. when I had been home for about a week. She said to wear an ace bandage, prescribed an anti-inflammatory. Three weeks later the swelling and tenderness has gone down and I an considering orthodics. I want to run again!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look what I did!

 My Friend had a baby shower for her daughter on Saturday. I told her several weeks ago that I would help her. She asked me if I would cut up the fruit. When I went to pick it up there were two HUGE watermelons, 4 cantaloupe, 4 honeydews, 5 giant pineapples. 3 - 4 lb boxes of strawberries, 2 cases of mangoes, 2 cases of kiwis and two huge containers of grapes.
 Oh. My. Goodness!
 I did not know where to begin. I decided I wanted to do something fancy, so I sent Rod to the store to get some skewers. While he was gone, I cleaned all the strawberries and carved up one of the watermelons.

My attempt at fruit kabobs.

 When Rod got back from the store, I had him help me big time. He peeled all of the mangoes and the kiwis. I chopped up the pineapples and had already washed the grapes. I don't know if you have ever peeled and cut mangoes, but they are real buggers! I cut up the mangoes and kiwis as he was peeling. I also used a melon ball cutter on some of the melons. That was kind of fun! Once the fruit was all cut up, we assembled some skewers and stuck the fruit-kabobs in a cabbage.
This is the baby carriage I made from the watermelon. It was so much fun!

 I wish I had more time to do some more fancy stuff, but it took me all morning to cut up all that fruit! I never could have done it without Rod's help! (He is always so willing to help me in the kitchen - or anywhere -  no matter what I ask him to do! Thanks, Honey!) I just put the rest of the cut up fruit in every huge bowl I own, and in big foil pans and took it for them to refill the carriage, and make more skewers. There were some very capable ladies in the kitchen that actually had planned on just putting cut fruit into big glass bowls as needed, and I think they were a little shocked and what came. They did make some pretty bowls of fruit, though. It was all very colorful!
 I am glad I could help my friend and she was delighted with what I did - but I am also glad I do not cater for a living. Been there, done that - - too much work!