Saturday, March 19, 2011

Other things we did

Played games: Shrek Operation. I would fake them out by going "Bzzzz!" when they were carefully trying to take out Shrek's various organs and parts. It was funny!
Ava would have played this 24/7.
Ha! Julie got the breadbasket...
Lots of games of Monoply.
Made Ginger Snaps and Snickerdoodles (and ate them!)
Picking oranges at Rondaleen's is always so much fun! It is such a great springtime activity - especially now when the blossoms are there. It smells like HEAVEN!
Ava likes the smell of the oranges, too!
Rondaleen shows Ava the twisting technique to get the oranges to release from the stem. She also showed Ava the thorns on the tree. The can be wicked - my hands always look beat up after I pick oranges and grapefruit!
Some of my favorite girls here!
Ava liked this fountain at the Arizona Center downtown.
We also got to have pizza at Organ Stop. The girls liked the organ music - very entertaining! I'm so glad that Julie and Ava came for a springtime visit. I miss my Utah girls and grandkids more than words can express!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Phoenix Children's Museum

I really love this place. It is so full of fun. Ava had a ball.
So cute up in the climbing tubes.
Her favorite thing was the store. She shopped...
...and rang up groceries. Didn't want to stop.
Then she found the kitchen and made some colorful pizza.

A Breath of Fresh Air

What a beautiful morning! Rod took Ava on a hike to Thunderbird Park while I took Julie to GCC to run on the track. Ava loved her hike with Rod. He had so much fun showing her the desert plants and the view of the city. Ava loved the rocks and the beautiful deserts flowers that are in great abundance right now.
I love these pictures of her. Usually her smile is too posed, but these are all just a natural smile for a beautiful girl that is enjoying the world around her.
I hope she will always remember her desert hike and know how much her Grammy and Rod love the desert!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The park . . .

It was a perfect evening for a stroll to the park. Ava was determined to do the monkey bars hand over hand. I always marvel at how strong little kids are and how they can use their bodies like that! All pretty in her St. Patty's day shirt. Ava was very proud of her sequined shamrock shirt. Andd she even did her own pig tails. Cute! We were mad because McDonald's was out of their shamrock shakes. Oh well. It got dark while were there, but we did have a good time just hangin' out at the park.

Green Eggs & Ham . . . Would you like some?

You know it's my tradition! It is a must have for breakfast every March 17th... Another tradition that I love is that Julie makes sugar cookies for every holiday and she did it at my house today! Yay!
Taylor and Becca frosted cookies...
Simbada, Ava, and Julie frosted cookies....
And I got to EAT them! It was fabulous!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take me to the mall...

Before I could even give her a good hug, Ava asked if I would take her to the mall to get her ears pierced. I don't know where that came from.
She was pretty excited about picking out the earrings, still confident this is what she wanted to do.
With mom filling out the paper work, she is not looking quite as sure.
1, 2, 3 OUCH!
Trying to look brave as she shows her sparkly flower earrings. Good job, Ava!

Over the dam bridge...

We always joke about the dam bridge - you know, the bridge that goes over the dam at Lake Powell. It's impossible to miss if you drive through Page and Kanab on your way to Salt Lake City, or take that route from SLC to Phoenix. That's what Julie, Ava and Becca did today. While this lovely lady was driving... ...this crazy child used my camera and photographed herself and those in the car. The American Girl Dolls were very nice passengers. Scenic view . . . love the Vermilion Cliffs in the background, but really my favorite are these road-weary girls that made the long haul to visit their Mom/Grammy in Phoenix!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Zoo with the Gunns

The first weekend of March, we went to the Phoneix Zoo and met some dear friends there. We had such a great time and I do love this family!
This is a daddy that really dotes on his little girl.
Just look right over there, Stan. See it?
I love this picture of Jack.
He was so quiet and thoughtful sitting there in the peace and quiet by the pond.
Afton was hilarious with the goats. Don'tcha just love the princess dress with the boots? She is such a girly girl! And she says I am her best friend!
Be gentle, and brush in the direction the hair grows. Each goat had its name in the collar.
Be sure to wash really good! Those goats are dirty and smelly!
What adorable kids!
Stan and Jack are all over the web.
I love this handsome little face!

Happy kids!
I'm holding up the world - ha!
Thanks for a great day, guys! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Saw Footloose at the Theater Works in Peoria. We took Becca and her friend, Miriam. Turns out they knew a few of the kids in the cast. This fun musical has tons of lively dancing and really great music. It was a fun Friday night date! Made me want to watch the movie again...

Jeo Hair

Back Row: Yani, Ivonne, Natalie, Monica, Odilia
Front Row: Sherry, Peggy
Friday was Crazy Hair day at the Primary School. (We share a campus with Cordova Primary School, so all of us "Office Ladies" are together, even though we work for different schools.) Monica started it all by doing the "bump" in her hair. We have a Jr. High student (well several, actually) that does her hair like this all the time. It is the current trendy look. When she saw Monica, she got all excited and told her that her hair was "super FRESH!" We all laughed so hard. Next thing I knew, Monica had set up shop in the ladies' room and everyone was sporting the "bump." It was hilarious. I called it "Jeo Hair" after the student's name, Jeovana. They all told her they were trying to look cool like her. You should have seen the parent reactions, and the student reactions! We all giggled all day long! I do love the girls I work with. They are terrific!
(No, I did not get the "bump" - just not possible with my curly hair! Oh, well...)