Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Friends...

We went to Casa Grande today to hear the Iona and Warren Burbank report on their Trek Mission. We had such a great visit. Rondaleen came along. I have not seen the Burbanks since I moved away from California in 2001. Iona had a huge impact on my life through her love of music and theater. It was great fun to renew this friendship. Thanks for inviting us down!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

DON"T TEXT while...

...driving, of course. We all know that; but I had a new experience yesterday and thought I better share so that others will not make the same mistake.

So my mistake was this: I was walking through the garage to get in the car. We were going to a movie. I needed to get to the passenger side because Rod was driving. The garage door was going up, and I was walking and texting to Becca when BAM! I slammed my forehead into the metal rim on the bottom of the door as it was going up. Rod hear the crunchy collision and said "What was that??" When I sheepishly said "OUCH!" and rubbed my forehead, he just shook his head. It really hurt, and I asked if I was bleeding...

I felt really stupid, needless to say. And no, that is not my forehead, and I did not get cut or have to get stitches. I just have a big bruise. (and some hurt pride)

But I do think there should be a law against texting and walking. Just think of the things you could run into!

Anybody else ever do something like that while texting?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sweet 16

These are some of my favorite memories with Becca in the last year. She is so much fun. I can't believe that she is now
It's always good when she can hang out with her sisters...
Trying on hats at Disneyland...
Space Mountain
First time behind the wheel...
Plus I love how shiny her hair is.
She has incredibly beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!
The big Christmas tree at Disneyland
She fell asleep on the drive to CA. (she'll kill me for this one)
First day of school as a Sophomore
Walking on stilts at a ward picnic.
Sitting on Mermie's soft lap.
I hope that you have another awesome year, Becca. I love how you enjoy school and friends so much. You always make the best of everything! I love you!!