Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Storm

Many Arizonans did not know what this stuff was until Tuesday. And then we had piles of the little icy balls! --along with lightening, thunder, wind, and torrential rains. The kids at my school wanted to pick it up, eat it, make snowmen, and in general frolic in the stuff. This is one of the downed trees on campus. There are still leaves, branches, palm fronds and other debris in the roads and yards all over the Phoenix valley. When the water was rolling of the roof like a waterfall, I got a little concerned and thought "it's going to come inside!" Yep, I was right. This is the workroom floor. And our lobby got some major flooding, too. It smells like wet dog and was still very wet yesterday. On the way home, I hot hit with another huge down pour. I was worried, and pulled off into this Shell station on the corner of 35th and Dunlap. I tried to get under one of the islands for protection, but there were no spots. I pulled in as close as I could to the cars parked there for protection, and called Rod. While I was on the phone with him the hail came down so big, fast, and furious that I could not hear him over the pounding on the car. I was terrified that our car windows would break! I knew the car was getting all banged up and there was not one thing I could do about it! I just had to sit there and wait it out. Once the hail stopped I could go home. The streets were covered in hail. The hail stones were as big as quarters, and very rugged. I have never experience anything quite like it. And now my car looks like hell - I mean hail? I am very thankful that the now pock-marked car is the only damage we suffered. Many of our friends had broken windows in cars and homes, damaged roofs, and other losses. Our thoughts and prayers are with them!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Conference weekend...

I decided to do something productive on Saturday during conference, so while I listened to the conference via, I made 1o sets of baby leg warmers. I so appreciate of the wonders of modern day technology. Our local channel no longer broadcasts conference,and since we don't have cable channels, we watched it on the internet. It was great! And I am most grateful for my sewing machine. I have had it for over 35 years, and it is still going strong! When I visited Katie over Labor Day, I saw the baby leg warmers on a display for her upcoming monthly Relief Society meeting. Her ward was making them for Primary Children's Hospital. The leg warmers can go on the baby's legs or arms when they are in the hospital with tubes and wires everywhere on their tiny bodies. It helps keep them warm when they cannot be dressed because of the wires and IVs. I was very impressed with the idea and with the project, so I decided to try it. I think we will be making them for Phoenix Children's Hospital in our ward during "Souper Saturday" in November. I found the knee socks at Target for $1.00 per pair. So all you Sahuaro Ranch Ward sisters, start buying up the knee socks on sale. We want to make a worthy contribution with this service project!
They were very quick and easy to make. Hopefully, I did them right!!
Conference was so uplifting. I loved every single talk. I can't wait to listen to all of them again. Rod always makes me a CD of the talks from the church website. My car will play Mp3 recordings, so I can listen to the talks when driving to and from work. It always makes my day better. I can listen to the messages several times, and I get something different each time I listen to the talks. I love our general authorities. They are all truly men of God. My spirit was deeply touch as they testified of the Savior and of the doctrines on which they expounded. It makes me truly want to be a better person, and a more devoted daughter of God!