Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sewing up a storm

So Saturday morning, before going to our Peoria Pride service project, I was frantically trying to get my Halloween costume made. I made such a big mess of my house!
Friday night, I tore up an old sheet into strips. It was kind of fun to shred that sucker up!

 I set up my machine on the kitchen table and started sewing away. I knew I would not have enough time to get this project done in one sitting. We had to leave to go to the ward Trunk or Treat activity.

So Saturday morning I was up bright and early. I love to open up the blinds and let the sun shine in when I am sewing. I was sewing away, and I hit my finger with the needle and broke my needle and drew blood. I was not too thrilled about this. I don't have many spare sewing machine needles, but did find ONE! After I stopped the bleeding, I put in the new needle and resumed work. I had to abandon the project once again to go to a church activity - Peoria Pride.

When we got home, I continued to sew. I had to put every thing away to hostess the Book Club at 1:00. When that was over, the machine came back out and I frantically worked some more. The good news is that I was able to finish the costume. Here it is!

 Usually I am a witch, but I wanted to be something different this year. This is quite out of character to me as I love to joke about riding around on a broom.

I also won OCNUB, the looser idol that goes home with the Bunco Looser of the night. Yeah, I had the most losses last night. Not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last time!  But it was a blast. I love playing, and love the good friends that are there.

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Katie said...

LOVE! Wish I was as creative as you:)