Sunday, November 04, 2012

Becca's Birthday - She is 19!

This adorable child turned 19 today!!! I can't believe my youngest child is off to college and no longer living at home. I knew it would happen some day, and thought I was ready for this. Well, I was not as ready as I thought I was. I miss her so much!!!

As a little girl, she stole many a cowboy's heart and struck up a good deal on getting a stick horse or two out of the deal. This is the horse show in Bend, OR, where she got the PWT tooth. We still laugh over that!

She loved this "princess dress" from her sister's wedding, and actually wore it to church many times. I normally had to manipulate her to get her to wear a girlie dress, and hide her cowboy boots on Sunday so she would not wear them to church.

Becca loves the ocean and we enjoyed some trips to the beach when we moved to AZ.

Becca always adds "sparkle" to any occasion. I love how her eyes have always smiled to accent the smile on her lips.

These two had a very special friendship. They were thrown together as step-siblings and made the best of it. I hope they have some happy memories of things we did as a family. We tried so hard to create good memories for them.

Becca's first year at Girl's Camp was at Lake Powell. I got to go with her as the 4th year certification leader. I will always treasure this experience with Becca.

She hiked up "Hole in the Rock." And we also got to see Rainbow Bridge. Such a beautiful place for girl's camp.

Becca has always been adored by her mom and sisters! 
When we get together, we laugh like nobody's business!

We had an incredible trip to Hawaii to celebrate Becca's graduation. We had planned this trip for years. It was a dream come true to spend this week with my daughters.

High School Graduation was and exciting, yet emotional event. I knew this day would come, too, and it is now just a memory.

 Life goes on at a very fast pace, and now Becca is making decision that will affect the rest of her life. I know she will choose wisely.  NAU is lucky to have this girl!

She is an amazing young woman. I am so privileged to be her mom, and I have so many precious memories with Becca and her sisters. Truly my cup runneth over.

Happy Birthday, Becca!


Katie said...

SO cute! I love this post and all the pictures! She is such an important part of our lives. Love her so much!

Janessa Couch said...

It was so fun to come to work and see that cute little girl wearing her cowboy boots. She is a gorgeous young woman now.